Course: AP 710 Microscopic Anatomy

Author: Provo-Klimek, Judy
School: Kansas State University
Department/Program: Veterinary Science
Sub Area/Speciality: Histology
Year: 2001

Portfolio Objective/Abstract:

The purpose of this portfolio is twofold: to reflectively analyze and define my objectives for my teaching of microscopic anatomy to veterinary students, and to explore how well the implementation of my teaching practice supports my goals for teaching in this course.

Type of Portfolio: Benchmark
Evidence of Student Learning in the Portfolio: Examples of Student Work

Size of Class: Unknown
Type of Student: Major Only
Level of Course: Graduate
Type of Course: Major/discipline

Teaching Environment:
  • Classroom
  • Lab
Student Activities:
  • Lecture
  • In-Class Group Exercises
Assessment Approaches:
  • Examination

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