Course: HUM 221 Humanities: Literature and Music

Author: Lapp, Beverly
School: Goshen College
Department/Program: Humanities
Sub Area/Speciality: Music labs
Year: 2011

Portfolio Objective/Abstract:

Seeking to improve the music lab component of an interdisciplinary general education humanities course, this course portfolio explores the pedagogical problems inherent in a music classroom for undergraduates with varied backgrounds and goals. A six-week curriculum was developed and implemented in response to these problems. The portfolio documents the instructor's analysis of student work and student evaluation of the curricular experience.

Type of Portfolio: Inquiry
Evidence of Student Learning in the Portfolio: Combination of Methods

Size of Class: 49 to 100
Type of Student: Non-Major Only
Level of Course: second-year
Type of Course: General Education

Teaching Environment:
  • Lab
Student Activities:
  • In-Class Group Exercises
Assessment Approaches:
  • Group Presentations

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