Course: HSPA 428 Primary Care I

Author: Davidson, Emily
School: York College/CUNY
Department/Program: Health Professions/Physician Assistant
Sub Area/Speciality: Primary Care Medicine
Year: 2011

Portfolio Objective/Abstract:

This portfolio seeks to explore ways to facilitate deeper learning and improved retention of primary care medicine by increasing active learning and situating that learning in a context reflective of professional practice. This is framed as encouraging students to move from seeing themselves as ?expert students? in pursuit of grades to seeing themselves as ?apprentice physician assistants? in pursuit of professional expertise. The principal focus will be on two learning objectives: 1) formulating and refining the differential diagnosis of a patient?s complaint and 2) application of the concepts of Evidence Based Medicine in patient assessment and treatment.

Type of Portfolio: Inquiry
Evidence of Student Learning in the Portfolio: Examples of Student Work

Size of Class: 30 to 49
Type of Student: Major Only
Level of Course: third-year
Type of Course: Major/discipline

Teaching Environment:
  • Classroom
Student Activities:
  • Lecture
  • Writing
  • Reading
  • Case Study
  • Classroom Discussion
  • In-Class Group Exercises
Assessment Approaches:
  • Examination
  • Quizzes
  • Homework
  • Case Studies

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